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Sunday 26th August 2007

Drove to Paris today which also took over 5 hours so we were glad once we were hear and relaxing in the shade. Campsite is very nice and very near train station where we can get train to centre and also Disneyland which should be fun.

Saturday 25th August 2007

Today we drove to Dijon which was about 300km's but it took us 5 hours so it was a pretty long and boring drive. Arrived at campsite at about 2pm and just did nothing for the afternoon so nothing interesting to report from today, oh except that we got pulled over AGAIN by police and Mark had to do a breathalyser test which was pretty crazy.

Friday 24th August 2007

We left Switzerland today and headed into France for the drive back to Calais. The drive was nice and short which was nice, we drove to a campsite in Morzine where Mark went skiing in January. We went for a look around the centre which was very nice and just as Mark remebered it. He was tempted by another pork hotpot but deceided against it. We then drove and found the Chalet where they stayed which looks very nice. Lots of mountainbikers around but luckily Mark didn't drag me to do that. On the way into Morzine we got pulled over by the police, not so scary this time as they were just standing by the side of the road, Mark had to get out of the van and the policeman had a look in the van and through cupboards, but luckily all was well and we were free to go.

Thursday 23rd August 2007

Today we drove to Chalais and then got a cable car up to a town in the Alps called Vercorin which was very nice, we then got another cable car all the way up to the top, it was pretty scary. Once at the top we had to jacket up and it was very cold. We walked downhill for a bit and then stopped for a snack, we then had to walk back up to the cable car which was pretty hard work as we didn't really have the best equipment on so I keep slipping over. A very nice day in the Alps but a cold night which wasn't fun.

Wednesday 22nd August 2007

Left Italy today which was a bit sad and headed for a campsite in Swiss Alps. Alot sunnier today which is nice, arrived at campsite at about 2pm and relaxed for the afternoon. The journey through Switzerland was very scenic and we took lots of pictures. We were also able to go to a supermarket and buy stuff other then pasta sauces and fresh pasta, that was lovely.

Tuesday 21st August 2007

Woke up again to rain today, so we ventured out into the heavy rain and cold. The road to the bus stop got very flooded and one van drove through the puddle to splash us so we got pretty wet so just ran for it. We went to the San Siro Stadium today and Mark got his A.C. Milan football shirt and we also had a tour around the stadium and the changing rooms which was pretty interesting. Went back into the centre for the afternoon as the rain stopped, on the way we tried to go visted Di Vinci's original 'Last Supper' but tickets were sold out until the end of August which was a bit disapointing and strange. We then had a very expensive tea and headed home.

Mark took a sneaky picture as we weren't aloud to take pictures in the museum!!

Monday 20th August 2007

Woke up to rain today for the first time in a while which wasn't too nice. Headed into centre of Milan at about 12ish, when the rain died down a bit. Rained quite alot all day and it was quite cold which ruined the day a bit but we saw a lot of nice shops and walked around the centre for the afternoon.

Sunday 19th August 2007

Today we drove to the campsite in Milan and it wasn't too far so we got there pretty early. Campsite is ok but not the nicest we've had. Watched Liverpool V Chelsea and then went out to get some tea. Not a very eventful day today so sorry for lack of pictures.

Tuesday 14th August 2007 - 18th August 2007

We drove from Pisa all the way up to the Bottom of Lake Garda. We passed loads of nice scenery on the way. The lake looks great and theres loads of boats, and water sports going on. It's been really hot all week with a bit of cloud now and again. We have a really big pitch quite near the lake and its under a few tree's so quite cool some of the day. We have been doing a lot of sun bathing and having nice food at restaurants. We will be going to Milan on Sunday which we are looking forward to, and its not too big a drive which is good.

Monday 13th August 2007

Today we walked from our campsite to the Leaning Tower of Pisa which was only about 800m's away. It was really hot today so we stayed in the shade and had nice cold drinks all the time. Where we walked from was really quiet but when we got to near the tower it became so crowed. There was a big church and a few other buildings with the tower and it was all very nice. Then we just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Sunday 12th August 2007

We left Rome today and drove 367km to the campsite in Pisa. It was a very hot drive and seemed like it took forever, got to campsite about 3pm and then sat around reading for the rest of the day. We were going to go in the swimming pool that they have but you have to wear swimming hats and we don't have any :-(

Saturday 11th August 2007

Today is our last day in Rome, first of all we went to Vatican City. We had to queue to go in everything here and it rained whilst standing in the queue, luckily I had just bought an umbrella. We went into the Tombs of the Popes in St Pauls church and then into the main church. Inside the main church a couple asked Mark to take their picture so he handed me our camera which he was holding but as we passed the camera we executed the maneuver like a rubbish relay team and dropped it and it fell to the floor and the lens was damaged. This pretty much upset our day as we then had no camera. Our campsite is near a Euronics store so we went and bought a new one later one, which we don't really like yet!

After this disaster we walked around Rome centre some more and had a last look around and a final Roman ice-cream.

Friday 10th August 2007

Today we went on a day trip organised by the campsite to Pompei & Naples, we got up a 6am and the coach left at 7am, it was a 3 hour journey but it went pretty quick, We had a tour guide round Pomepi and it was very interesting to see the ruins and we learned quite alot abot the how the town was before the volcano erupted. Had a rushed lunch as we only had 45mins to eat. The coach then drove down to Naples and we had a little tour round the centre, it was raining at this point and we had no coats or anything so got a bit wet. Naples was very nice and it would have been nice to have longer there to look around. Arrived back at campsite about 8pm.

Thursday 9th August 2007

Visited the centre again today, we went to the piazza popollo which has a big road full of shops which we walked up and down and also had a little snack for lunch. We then walked around some more where we went yesterday and also the night before, Rome is getting very addictive and we won't want to leave. We also visted the Pantheon. We had some tea in a square full of artists selling pictures and drawing portraits which was very nice. It is also our 3 year anniversary today.

Wednesday 8th August 2007

Had a late start today and got into centre at about 12, we did alot more walking around today and also visited the Colosseum which was pretty amazing, we didn't go inside as there was a 1 1/2 hour queue and a book we have said to not bother paying. Very hot today so we tried to stay in the shade. We alsi visited the Monument Vittorio Emanuele II where the body of the 'Unknown Solider' lays and Mark went up in a lift to the very top. I got a bit burnt today as i forgot to put suncream on!

Tuesday 7th August 2007

Today we drove to Rome, found the campsite pretty easy and its not too far from the centre, which is good. Got there about lunchtime so had a bit of lunch and then relaxed for the afternoon. We deceided to go into Rome for tea so got the bus and metro there which was also pretty easy. We had a little walk around and found alot of Roman ruins and lots of beautiful buildings. We had a nice tea in a little restaurant and then walked around some more, there's lots to see so we are staying in Rome for 5 days. We also had a bit of a panic as the metro we used shuts at 9pm due to building work on the line but we were told that we could get a bus that did the same route but we couldn't actually find the bus and the last bus back to campsite was at 11:30pm and it was now 11 so we were a bit paniced so we ended up getting a taxi which wasn't too expensive so it was okay.

Monday 6th August 2007

We got up late today and Jenny sunbathed all day and I had some time with my good friend Windows XP. The campsite is great, really clean, quite, good facilities except the restaurant. I had built up a good bit of hunger during the day so I was looking forward to tea. Jenny ordered a Lasagna and me Roast Chicken and Chips, when it turned up it was some huge dirty chicken nugget, we had a swap but both meals were horrible and I felt pretty robbed of my hungerous feelings and the anticipation of a good meal then it got worse, waiter comes over, clears Jenny's plate but also takes my seperate plate of chips which I was still eating and then they took over 30mins getting our bill. The only thing to improve the evening was when we bought an outside lamp. Rant over, Goodnight!

Sunday 5th August 2007

Quite noisy again last night but we were up early and on our way to a campsite between Florence and Rome near Perugia and the campsite was on a huge lake. Just relaxed for the rest of the day and more tomorrow.

Saturday 4th August 2007

Bit of a late start today but back into Florence at about dinner time. It was really hot today so we tried to stick to the shade. We looked around shops and then went in a church that we saw last night, it was huge inside and the outside of it is really nice because of its colour and its matching tower and basilica. In the afternoon we went to the Ufizzi gallery which we read was good, we had to queue for over an hour and it was ok inside but quite a few rooms were shut. Walked around a bit more, had some tea then made our way back. Florence is one of our favourites.

Friday 3rd August 2007

We drove down to Florence today from Bologna. The drive was going quite good but then it rained real hard for nearly the whole journey so the roads were real slow and busy so that made it take a while, but we got to the campsite at about 1pm. Really busy campsite with loads of backpackers so checking in took a while and then we were given a muddy wonky pitch but the sun was soon out so that dried things up. At around 6pm we walked into Florence as it was only 1km or so, it all looked great at night and its a really nice city with some amzing buildings, bridges and nice restaurants. After we had tea we walked around more and then walked back via a bridge which is lined on both sides with goldsmiths and its pretty cool. There were loads of people playing music on the street which was good to stand and listen to. The bar at the campsite was really loud and went on till gone 2am.

£1 if you spot our van

Thursday 2nd August 2007

Today we got the bus right from the campsite into the centre of Bologna which was very handy. When we arrived we saw the end of some sort of military, police parade to do with a terrorist attacks in the 80's.We walked up the main street into the central square (piazza) where we saw two big towers down another road, so we went and took a look and we got tickets to walk up the taller of the towers. It was nearly 100m's tall so plenty of steps so we were pretty worn out when we got to the top. After that we went and got some dinner, then looked around more of the centre and got the bus home. Bologna wasn't as nice as Venice or Florence but it was still pretty good.

Wednesday 1st August 2007

Today we left Venice and drove about 200km to a campsite near Bologna, it is a very nice campsite and we have a nice shady pitch. Didn't do much this afternoon, just a bit of reading and internet for Mark.

Tuesday 31st July 2007

Late ish start today and then we got the bus to Venice, which was pretty simple. Witnessed some crazy Italian driving on the way. Once arrived in Venice we followed the crowds along the winding roads and over lots of little bridges, it was very nice and interesting to walk through, we came across alot of touristy shops selling masks and things. We then had lunch in a little pizzeria along the river, which was very expensive and then walked further and stumbled across the main centre with shops and lots more restaurants, at this point Mark had his first (of the day) piece of pizza, it was about the size of a plate and he claimed he was still hungry after this! The centre was very nice with lots more touristy shops and also expensive shops like Gucci and D&G, obviously we brought many an item from these shops. Walked around a bit more then had an expensive drink in a cafe, Venice is very expensive. We than sat by the river and watched people go on the expensive Gondolas and then walked the long way back to the bus station, where Mark got his second piece of pizza.

Monday 30th July 2007 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!

Today we left our campsite at Umag and travelled just 30km's and we were in Slovenia and then another 10km's and we were in Italy, our next destination. Satnav jumped into action as soon as we hit the border which was great and we were off to a campsite near Venice. On the way we ended up going up this very steep small road, we weren't sure if the van would make it, it was struggling in 1st gear! Got to campsite about 3pm and then relaxed a bit more, off to Venice tomorrow.

Monday 23rd July - 2007 - Sunday 29th July 2007

We travelled from the Austria/Slovenia border through Slovenia and to the Istria region of Croatia and to our campsite near Umag all without satnav so Jenny had to do a lot of map reading. The campsite was huge with over 1500 pitches. It was all along the coast and really nice. We went swimming a lot and the sea was very warm, it was a bit rocky so we had to wear shoes. But basically for the week we just relaxed and lazed around in the shade/sun. I got the Harry Potter book in Vienna so I finished that off. Jenny got a lot browner and a good bit of sun bathing each day. Restaurants took forever though, so long you had to take a picnic with you while you wait, but they were very cheap so not all bad.

Sunday 22nd July 2007

Today we drove in immense heat to a town near the Austrian/Slovenian boarder, we were heading for a small campsite here but came across a cheap hotel on the way so we have decided to stay at a hotel tonight, Mark is currently watching sports on the TV. Tomorrow we will drive to a campsite in Croatia near Umag where we will spend a week, relaxing.

Saturday 21th July 2007

Today we visited Vienna, we got the bus and tube to the centre which was very easy. When we came to our stop on the underground we walked out through a tunnel and it was full of 'weirdo's' all drunk or drugged, it seemed to be where they all hung out so we hurried through there and straight onto the streets. It was a lovely sunny day again and so we avoided non shady patches as much as we could. Vienna was very very nice with lots of beautiful buildings and churches. We walked around all the buildings and churches and then went to the Kunst Historisches Museum which had roman and greek antiques, a egyptian collection and paintings by various international artists, it was quite interesting. After this we headed back to the main centre and had a drink and an ice-cream in a cafe. We had been waiting to pay for ages so we went inside the cafe to pay there (you usually have to pay at your table outside) and our waitress was just sitting there having a drink, we were told to go back and wait at our table so Mark got quite angry as we just wanted to pay there, eventually we paid. We had tea in a Pizzeria and then headed home.

Friday 20th July 2007

Another traveling day today, we headed for Vienna. It was 280km and 36˚C, so very uncomfortable and to make matters worse, the place where we stopped for lunch was very expensive and had nothing we liked so we just had some coca-cola! We arrived at campsite at about 2pm and got a nice shady pitch, we then went to a supermarket and brought €60 worth of stuff, BUT we had no cash and they did not take visa, at this point it was rainy really hard outside so Mark had to run down the road to get some money out and got soaked. What a palaver.


Thursday 19th July 2007

We had an earlish start today and caught the bus to Salzburg, which wasn't a very long journey. Our first stop was the Mirabellgardens, which can be seen in 'The Sound of Music' during the do-ray-me song. It was very beautiful and we had a nice walk around, staying in the shade as it was rather warm. We then stepped out onto the market and crossed the river where we found The Old Town and walked around the little cobbled streets full of shops. We had a nice but over priced lunch in a little courtyard and then headed for the Salzburg Fortress which is 850m above the town. We had a tour round the castle and then looked through the museums. Mark found some guns to keep him amused. Off home for cheap tea and then a game of Harry Potter Top Trumps newly purchased today, all in german though.

Wednesday 18th July 2007

Today we left Innsbruck and headed for Salzburg, where most of 'The Sound of Music' was filmed. The journey was not too far so we were there early and set up by lunchtime. The campsite is very nice and we have a lovely shady pitch. We had a nice relaxing afternoon and tomorrow we will visit the centre of Salzburg.

Tuesday 17th July 2007

Woke up by the sun this morning and had breakfast outside for the first time. We visited the centre of Innsbruck today which is about 5km away from our campsite. It was still warm today but a little cooler then yesterday. We walked around the centre a bit and then headed for the station where we were to get a tube to some cable cars, when we arrived there we found that it was not actually going to be completed until September this year so we were a bit lost. We managed to find a tourist information where we found we could get a bus, so it was all ok. We went up to the top of the mountains in the cable cars, luckily they did not wobble. It was very beautiful once we got to the top and there was a very nice breeze. We stayed up there for a while and then headed back to centre for a late lunch.

Monday 16th July 2007

Today we left Germany and headed for Austria, where our first stop is Innsbruck. The drive today was not so long but the weather was still pretty hot. It was very picturesque driving through the south of Germany and into Austria, there were lots a mountains and beautiful lakes, which looked very tempting! We arrived at our campsite about 2pm and it was pretty busy so the only pitches left were the ones in the sun, so it was a pretty hot afternoon. We had a lovely tea outside in the warm and played pass the pigs until way past out bedtime!

Sunday 15th July 2007

Got up late today after a lovely nights sleep and visited Munich, it was pretty hot again today so we stayed in the shade. Munich was quite busy and very nice. Although most shops were shut, there was still a lot to see. We had a look in the many churches, which also cooled us down, and had a nice cool drink and snack in a little cafe. As it was pretty hot we decided to go back to our hotel and then come back to centre later on, when it should be cooler. After a bit of MTV in our room we went back to centre at about 6 ish and found it was a lot busier and not that much cooler! Also in the centre there was some kind of a festival of cultures and food, there were lots of tables and displays of all different Countrys, people could sit down and enjoy a meal from that certain Country. We looked for England but could not find it! We had some tea in an Italian restaurant and then walked around some more where we had not gone earlier and got some ice-cream on the way. It was very nice at nighttime and still very warm. We watched a few street musicians and headed home about 11pm.

Saturday 14th July 2007

Early start today to drive to Munich. The drive was about 320km and the weather was very hot so it was a very long uncomfortable drive. We arrived in Munich at about 3pm and decided that we would stay in a hotel tonight and tomorrow night, for a bit of comfort. After driving round for a bit we found a nice hotel near the centre and got booked in. It is a very nice hotel and our room seems very big compared to the van we have been living in for the past 6 weeks!! The hotel is very close to the underground and only 3 stops to centre, which is handy. We also went to see Harry Potter, as we couldn't wait til we got back to England. We managed to find a cinema which only showed films in English which was pretty good, the film was excellent. Back to hotel for a nice sleep in a normal bed!

Friday 13th July 2007

Today we woke up to Sun at last!! We went for a bike ride and started off from our campsite and it was pretty much uphill, which Mark enjoyed but I had to walk most of the way up!! We then came to a little town and biked back to our campsite along the road and it was all downhill so very easy. After a little rest we went to a supermarket to get some stuff for another BBQ tonight, should be yummy. It has remained very warm and sunny today so the afternoon was spent sunbathing!

Thursday 12th July 2007

We had a late start today and as it was raining (again) we decieded to leave biking for tomorrow. We drove about 30km to a little town called Furtwagon where the weather was much nicer. It was a very nice town and we had a little walk around and then visited the clock museum, as the Black Forest is well known for the cuckoo-clock. On the way back to our campsite we stopped in the beach town of Titisee, it was full of tourists and touristy shops but still very nice. We also rented a pedal boat and pedaled round the lake, it was very hard work!!

Wednesday 11th July 2007

Today was pretty much another driving day, we left our campsite near Nurnberg and drive about 370km to the campsite in the Black Forest, it seemed to take forever. The campsite is very nice and near a little beach town called Titisee which we will visit tomorrow. Due to lack of pictures today, here is a picture we took on the journey.

Tuesday 10th July 2007

We had a nice sleep in this morning and then we drove to the centre of Nurnberg. Once we got into the centre we were following some signs to free parking but they didn't seem to go anywhere so we gave up and used Sat Nav. We managed to find some parking after Mark had drove down a one way street the wrong way and nearly into a multi-story car park, his reversing skills were put to good use. Again we were parked quite close to the centre which was nice, we had a little look around the shops and then had lunch in a huge pizza place. After lunch we went to the 'Germanisches National Museum' which our handy book said would be very interesting, to be honest I found it a little boring and not what I thought it would be, Mark thought "It was alright". Our parking ticket only gave us until 5.15pm so at about 3.45 we left museum to go do some food shopping and then home for tea. Tomorrow we will have another long drive to a campsite in the Black Forest where we will spend 3 nice, relaxing days.

Monday 9th July 2007

Woke up to rain this morning, which was depressing. We headed for Dresden at about 9pm so we were there pretty early, we parked up easily and then walked around. We walked along the river and came to an old historic building which looked like a old palace which had museums in all the different sections but they were all shut, there was a big square in the middle with gardens and ponds. We walked around some more and saw lots of pretty historic buildings and then headed for the centre. It was nice and quiet as it was quite early which was nice for a change. We had a spot of lunch in a 'mall' type place and then headed for our next campsite which is near Nurnberg. This was a long drive, about 350km and it seemed to take forever. We eventually got to the campsite at about 6.30pm and then had tea, lovely tacos.

Sunday 8th July 2007

Today was pretty much a driving day so there's not much to say. We drove to a campsite near Dresden and we will visit it tomorrow. Today has been very sunny and Jenny is going to attempt to sunbath, lets hope it lasts.

Saturday 7th July 2007

Had a late start today and once we were ready we headed for Berlin, we took the bus which was very easy. We arrived in Berlin at about lunchtime and so got some take away noodles for our lunch, they weren't very nice which wasn't a good start. We then headed for the centre and it started to rain, as per usual, To add to the bad day so far the umbrella broke so when the rain stopped we threw it away, how foolish as the rain started again about 5 mins later and we got pretty wet. Jenny was not happy as her fringe would be curly and silly for the rest of the day! After this incident we headed for Brandenburg Gate, it took us a while to figure out what direction to go in as there were signs to everywhere but here. I eventually found a park which we needed to walk through and we were kind of on our way, we got half way and then took a bus the rest of the way. We also managed to get a new umbrella which brightened up Jenny's day. We left Brandenburg gate at about 4pm and went to the Reichstag and took some photo's, the queue was huge to get in so we decided against it, we then headed back to the shops and had a walk around where Jenny brought a new bag. We then took a tube to the Olympia Stadion and had a look around, it is the staduim Hitler built for the 1936 Olympics. We went inside and had a look at the pitch and track, it was very big as it holds 80,000. It is also where the 2006 World Cup final was held and Hetha Berlin's home ground. After this we went back to the centre for tea, and we found a nice mexican restaurant and ate there. Back to van at about 9pm and soon to bed.

Friday 6th July 2007

We left Gross Quassow today and headed for a campsite near Berlin. We took a detour on the way and visited the town of Oranienburg, which is just North of Berlin. Here we visited the Sachenhaus Concerntration Camp, Mark's idea, it was free to get in but we hired a audio guide for 3. There were 37 tour stops and each stop seemed to go on forever so half way through we were just listened to a little of the commentary. There wasn't much left of the buildings but we did go into some barracks and it was strange to think thousands of people had been here. We also went in the morgue which was very spooky, luckily we didn't feel any presence. We then drove to our next campsite ready for visit to Berlin tomorrow.

Thursday 5th July 2007

It seemed to rain all night and by the looks of out side and around the campsite it must have, lots of mud everywhere. I had a big fry up for breakfast/dinner which was great and Jenny had some toast which she said was great also. After dinner we went down to the water sports centre and asked about the rowing boats but he said they were none available so he said we could have kayaks or some huge vessel so we went for the kayak and hoped it was stable which it was. We were going but after about 15mins it started raining really hard so we had to shelter under a tree and then carried on, we did this routine all the time untill our four hours were up. We went from the lake our campsite was on, up a long canal which lead to another lake and then we came back, it was good fun but got very wet and "I Got Blisters On My Fingers". We got all cleaned up and then went to the campsite restaurant which was very busy but very nice. We planned tomorrows drive and campsite and prayed for sun.

Wednesday 4th July 2007

Today all we had to do was make our way down to our next campsite which is in a national park with lakes and canals everywhere and is about 100km's above Berlin which we will go to in two days. When we got there we got booked in, had a look around and then we had to go find a cash machine which was quite hard but we found one in the end, got some things for tea and drove back to the campsite. Tomorrow we plan to hire a rowing boat and go out for a few hours so hopefully it will stay dry, it was ok earlier today but its raining and thundering now.

Tuesday 3rd July 2007

Today we woke up to some sun at last and it stayed sunny and cloudy all day which was a great change. We first biked to a beach which was part of another campsite so we quickly biked through it and got to the beach and sat and read some books, had a picnic, a paddle and watched a lot of water sports. We then biked back to our campsite and then went to a beach resort a few km's away which was really nice looking and the beach was packed. We went to a supermarket and got some nice meats, a BBQ and coal and went back to our campsite to have tea.

Roll your mouse over this image to make FIRE!

Monday 2nd July 2007

We got up quite early today and drove to the smallish city of Lubeck. Parking was easy and we were close to the centre. It was a nice warm and a little bit sunny start but then it rained again. But we had a good look round, and went it a church that was bombed during the war and the bells fell down and they have been left in the same place since then. I love marzipan but Jenny doesn't, anyway Lubeck is the capital of Marzipan and it was first made here, so we went in the shop and got a little which will be nice later after tea. We got a slice of pizza and walked back to the van in the rain and then drove to Rerik which is further north/east and right on the coast, the campsite is a bit rank and they still charge €21 a night and he spoke broken english!

Sunday 1st July 2007 ***4 Weeks Today***

We drove to Lubeck today and got to our campsite about dinner time. Just a relaxing day to day and the sun did shine for a little while but then a bit more rain. Nothing much else to write about so i'll stop and just put a picture on instead, it is our campsite in Lubeck.

Saturday 30th June 2007

We went to Hamburg today on the bus/metro. It was a short walk to the bus stop and the journey into Hamburg took about 30mins. It is a really big city with a huge docks. We had a look round the centre, in the rathaus, shops, then got back on the metro and went to the docks and then onto another place which wasn't so nice so we went back to the centre. I got a book by Bill Bryson called Neither Here Nor There which is about him travelling around europe, so hopefully we can relate to it. We then got the metro and bus back and planned tomorrow.

Friday 29th June 2007

Today we left the campsite at Hanover and went to Bremen centre. It was sunny to start but then rained all the rest. Took ages to park but finally found somewhere. We got some noodles as we walked into the centre and then Jenny done some shopping and got a little top, we looked around a church and two markets. It was quite a nice town with the buildings all being quite old unlike Hanover as we think it wasn't so heavily bombed. We left to drive up to a campsite near Hamburg at around 2pm and it was going ok, quite wet and busy but ok .......until we got pulled over by the Politze which was not fun! When we were driving along they were in front and a little sign came up on their car saying "something bitte" but we weren't sure if they wanted us or someone else but they wanted us to pull into a parking/rest area but we still weren't sure if they meant us or someone else and they then thought we weren't going to pull over so swerved back onto the motorway and then pull out a baton type thing so we pulled over to find out if they wanted us or not, and they did want us. They took our passports, my driving license, car insurance and went and sat in their car for about 5mins then came back and started asking me about the weight of the van and why I didn't have any documents about the weight, I had to show them a little metal plate with some weights on in the end and they didn't seem to find out anything but they said "ok you can go" phew!, glad that was over.

Thursday 28th June 2007

With lots of extra bedding we had a much warmer night. We are about 30km's from Hanover so we drove in and parked near the centre. We didn't really no what we were going to find in Hanover but it was very nice. We first went to the town hall (rathaus) / museum which looked nice outside and in. There were loads of scale models of Hannover over the years so you could see how it has changed. It was free to get in so that was good also. We walked around the town centre and had a tasty dinner and then I got an FC Schalke 04 football shirt, it's blue and white just like Ipswich. We came back to the campsite and done loads of washing which took ages and then read some books and watched a film, and are currently planning tomorrow.

And a special bonus picture can be found in the Where Are We page which you can get to from the menu bar above.

Wednesday 27th June 2007

Hello. We were up early today, it was so cold last night. We travelled to Osnabruck in Germany today which was about 100km's. We got to Osnabruck and parked up easy and then walked into the centre. It's quite a nice small city with nice pedestrian area's with shops and restaurants etc. I tried out some of my great German skills which went something like this "Hallo...............(english)................................Danke", maybe i'll throw some extra words in tomorrow. We were then going to go to a campsite near Osnabruck but decided that we would just go straight to Hannover and have two nights there. It was about 160km's to the campsite so wasn't going to take too long but then we got stuck in traffic for over an hour and finally got to the campsite at around 6pm. Campsite looks very nice so far, right by a big lake and a forrest.

Tuesday 26th June 2007

We got up late after our late night last night. Once we were all packed and ready we drove to a campsite near Ootmarsum which is just next to the German border and it was around 130km's. Apart from that we didn't do a lot and today was just a travel day really but tomorrow will be better, we promise!

Monday 25th June 2007

Today we got up quite late because we wern't going into Amsterdam untill around dinner time. We got ready and went to the bus station in real heavy rain, and got to the metro station and then into Amsterdam in about 30mins. We had a walk around when we got there and looked around some shops and then had some dinner. We went to the Anne Frank house museum which was very busy and we had to queue for a fairly long time and again it started raining really heavy. The museum was ok, but so busy so you could never have a good look at anything. It was now about 6pm so we went and found a nice restaurant. Now I didn't know but the restaurant just happened to be just a street away from the Red Light District and because it's in the travel guide book and said it was a tourist destination we had a look around. It was a bit strange but it was full of tourists and groups of drunks so it was ok. We then walked a bit around the big square and then back to the metro station and back to the van.

Sunday 24th June 2007

Hello, today we woke up way early with a flock of seagulls sitting and pecking on our van roof and other peoples caravans etc. Once we were ready we drove to Den Haag and found a parking space easy as it was a sunday and fairly quiet. At around 11am it started to get busier and the shops and restaurants were opening up. We went to the Palace but couldn't go inside as it was being restored. There were lots of bits of art, sculptures and statues scattered about the city and a big antique market. We went to China town and had a really nice chinese and the portions were huge. It started to get rainy again so we made our way back to the van and then went to our campsite near Amsterdam, When we got here we found out about how to get there tomorrow and we are getting a bus to the metro station and then we go direct to Amsterdam Central Station, so its all sorted.

Saturday 23rd June 2007

We got up pretty early today and packed the awning and all the other outside stuff away and then had breakfast. We then started our 130km journey north to Delft first and then onto our campsite nearer Den Haag. When we got to Delft we couldn't quite find where to park so that we would be near the centre but we soon got sorted. Delft was really nice, with two big markets where we got some blackberries and raspberries. There were lots of canals to cross to get around the city, and a lot of music being played with some sort of marching band campetition going on. We then went to our campsite and got sorted then went for another bike ride near the coast which was fun. Tomorrow we will either drive or bike into Den Haag but not sure yet.

Friday 22nd June 2007

Today we had a nice lay in and I had some nice bacon and eggs. We went for a longish bike ride which was really easy because there are cycle paths everywhere. We found a nice park/field to throw my X-zyLo Ultra flying thing, and yes "David" it works great. After bike ride we had a little rest, some tea and then more rest. Tomorrow we will move further north and stay near Delft and Den Haag.

Thursday 21st June 2007

This morning we drove into The Netherlands and got to our first campsite just outside of Eindhoven. The campsite is really nice and has great WIFI internet. Apart from the drive here, we just got a few bits to eat, done a load of washing and drying and relaxed.

Wednesday 20th June 2007

There was a huge storm last night and the rain hitting the van made a lot of noise so we had a nice lay in. We got the bus to Antwerp and had a look around a market, then walked to where the shops, buildings etc were. Our books said that Antwerp was really great and Gent wasn't all that great but we felt the other way. We got a few bits from a supermarket, has tea and we are now planning the first few days of the Netherlands which we are really looking forward to.

Tuesday 19th June 2007

Again an early start as we had to go to Gent and then drive to Antwerp later on in the afternoon. We parked just outside the campsite and the bus stop was right there so we got on and went to the centre. Gent was really nice, more to see and less touristy than Brugge. We had a real nice waffle with bananas and chocolate which were pretty tasty. We had a look at The Devine Sheep painting in a church. Jenny got some earrings and I got a spare key for the van. We got the bus back to the campsite where our van was parked and we headed off to Antwerp. The campsite we were heading for was near the centre of Antwerp but we couldn't find it anywhere and satnav was being most unhelpful, like making us go in the tram and bus lane for 2kms and then right through the bus station. We had two campsites written down but we couldn't find any signs to locate them so we then picked one that was stored on the navman and it turned out pretty good, 16amps, nice showers and only €15 for two nights.

Monday 18th June 2007

We went to Brugge today which was a nice smallish town with everything fairly close to the centre. Had a bit of trouble parking but found a good spot with a load of other campervans already parked up. There were a lot of normal shops and gift type ones so we had a look around. We had a leaflet for a chocolate museum so we went there and of course Jenny likes war and I like chocolate so I dragged Jenny around it. It was ok but they were a bit tight on the free chocolate that was promised. We then drove to Gent ready for a day looking around Gent and the drive to Antwerp.

Sunday 17th June 2007

Today we got up quite early and packed away and left for our next campsite. On the way to the campsite we went via Ypres which is near the French border and is one area of a lot of fighting during WW1 so we looked at a few memorials which were really big as you can see in the pictures. We got to our campsite in Jabbeke which is just outside of Brugge at around 2pm. Tomorrow we will go to Brugge for the day and then go straight to Gent after, so we are hoping we find somewhere good to park.

Also Happy Fathers Days

Menin Road - Ypres

Somewhere near Ypres - Possibly "Something House Cemetary"

Saturday 16th June 2007

We went to Brussels today which was very interesting. It was a strange start however, we got on the bus and within 20 seconds we had really annoyed the bus driver, in the end he pointed at the seats and motioned us to go away and sit down. He was a crazy bus driver and we were holding on tight and we were both braking for him and were glad to get off. Brussels was very nice, full of great buildings, modern and old, loads of shops for Jenny. We had some elite waffles, Jenny had the Brussels waffle with strawberrys, cream and chocolate and I had the Liege waffle with sugar and chocolate and both were real tasty. We looked around a lot of buildings and shops, some more food and then got the bus home, and a different driver which pleased us. Tomorrow we leave for Brugge which is ment to be very very touristy and busy but very nice to look around so we are looking forward to that.

Friday 15th june 2007

Today we left for a campsite near Brussels. The campsite is around 10km's out of Brussels and is in Grimbergan. Theres regular buses going into Brussels centre so we will use them tomorrow. The drive to the new campsite was really busy and heavy rain made it worse, couldn't see far infront or behind because of the spray coming up off the vehicles andthe Belgians were driving crazy and willing to hit anything aslong as they gained an extra place before leaving at their junction. The rain carried on all day so we just stocked up on food and stayed in. Lets hope tomorrow is better when we go to Brussels.

A lack of pictures today but as I know there's a lot of fans out there enjoy this

Thursday 14th June 2007

Today we had a nice late start and then went to Namur which was a really nice town. Lots of great little streets, loads of shops and nice street cafes and restaurants. We went to an art museum, jenny done some shopping, we had a nice dinner some more shops and then came back to the campsite to get ready for leaving for a campsite nearer Brussels tomorrow.

Wednesday 13th June 2007

We moved campsites again today to a campsite between Namur and Dinant. We got there quite early as it was a fairly short drive and so had plenty of time to visit Dinant that day. At Dinant we went on a boat ride along the river Meuse which was a tad dull and then we took a cable car up to the Dinant Citadel which gave you great views down onto Dinant.

Tuesday 12th June 2007

We headed off to Belgium today and directly to Bastogne for obvious reasons, Jenny wanted to see another war museum so we went to The Bastogne History Museum and the Star shaped Battle of the Bulge American Memorial Link Here . We had a look around the shops in Bastogne then headed to our next campsite which is in the middle of nowhere. When we arived at the campsite, we went into the office and asked for a pitch for one night, he answered in French and seemed to ask some questions but we didn't understand and then the man began whistling and pointing the direction that we should take to find our camping pitch.

Monday 11th June 2007

Today was a nice hot lazy summers day. Up late, a little shopping in Diekirch and nice dinner and then a slow bike ride along the river, followed by some more sitting and Pirates of The Carribean 3, G'night.

Sunday 10th June 2007

Today we left Kockelschuer and travelled only around 40km's to Diekirch which is a small town north of Luxembourg City. The river Sure goes through the town and our campsite was along the river so it was quite nice. There was also 30km's of cycle path along the river which looks great. We went to the Diekirch WW2 history museum which had lots of cool stuff in it and we took loads of photo's.

Look, I've found a van that leaks more oil than mine!

After the museum we went to Vianden, which is a small town along a river in a valley with tree's and rock races on its sides and a castle looking over it. There was a chairlift that took you up above the town and castle onto a platform. We took some nice pictures and were going to get a drink but it was getting very dark overhead so we got back down and off home, just in time as the rain started to fall real heavy.

Saturday 9th June 2007

Today we went to Luxembourg city on the bus. It wasn't so sunny today which made it cool when walking around. We looked round lots of shops, churches, bridges and buildings. We had a nice dinner and then ice cream and individual strawberry flans which were very nice. We got back to the campsite and were about to take down the awning but a huge thunder storm and loads of rain came so we stopped so we are going to take it down in the morning before we leave. Tomorrow we will move up to the Ardennes region of Luxembourg for some biking, walking, castle spotting and The Luxembourg WW2 History Museum.

Friday 8th June 2007

Up early this morning and we drove to Luxembourg which was about 130km's so not far. We got to the campsite in Kockelschuer at around 10am and were soon setup and out visititing the area which we are in, The Red Lands. It's called the Redlands because of all the iron ore and its history in mining. Jenny kept going on and on about going to the Iron Ore Society Mining Museum so I "caved in" and let her. The guide said we went down to around 350ft and it was really cold and we were in T-shirts and shorts and everyone else on the tour had jeans, jumpers, coats and gloves.

Thursday 7th June 2007

We went to Seden today which was very nice. It has Europes largest fortified castle but again was shut but from outside it looked great. We had a nice meal in a small square and then went to look at a WW2 battle area, a french tank and a WW2 German Cemetary. We were then heading home via a super-market and whilst we were parked we noticed one of the tires was getting very flat so we drove to the super-markets petrol station but the air machine was off!, so we changed the tire then drove to a french garage where I (Mark) with the power of hand signals and pointing to the screw in the tire we had it repaired and all sorted so the problem was soon fixed.

Wednesday 6th June 2007

Today we went for a bike ride around the Buzanzy area. We followed the signs to a WW1 German Cemetary up a big hill and found it but not before having to stop half way up the hill because Jenny said her bike wasn't working because it was hard to pedal. We then spent the rest of the day sitting around reading books.

Tuesday 5th June 2007

An early start today and ahead was 400km's of road. The flats of Nord Pas De Calais were behind us and we were on our way to Champagne-Ardennes which is far nicer and much more scenic. The Navman sent us in and out of Belgium before gettin to Buzanzy which was odd.


Campsite is really nice, although it said in the book that theres a lovely relaxing lake but its actually a stinky green pond.

Monday 4th June 2007

We woke up cold and it was cloudy outside. We went for our first French outing to look around gravelines. We got some bread and pastries for our dinner and found our first bit of war.

We then went to Dunkerque to buy more food for our tea and avoided all the horse meat. Had a look around but almost everything was shut so we left for Saint-Omer which was a nice town with a huge church. We also lost the van for 5 mins but Mark soon relocated it and said "see i'm never lost". O and on the way to Saint-Omer we spotted a fellow Renault Trafic Campervan and we shared a big wave.

Sunday 3rd June 2007

Today we started our big adventure. We set off at 6am and made our way down to Dover for our crossing to France, Calais.

This was our ferry. It was a bit bumpy but not too bad, really foggy though so couldn't see anything. I (Mark) wasn't too keen on the ferry and i'm not looking forward to the three more times on it.

We got into calais at 2:30 and were soon on to the French roads for my first time but it went well and we were soon at the first campsite in Gravelines near Dunkerque.

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